The OGC serves as the legal counsel for USC, Keck Medicine of USC, and certain of their subsidiaries and affiliates. Faculty, staff, and students should not retain outside counsel to represent or provide legal services to any of these entities. The OGC advises on legal and regulatory questions related to USC’s activities, including transactional matters, dispute resolution, and policy formulation. Only the OGC may retain outside counsel on behalf of the university. Therefore, please contact the OGC if the need to retain outside counsel might arise.

The OGC represents employees only for those matters within the course and scope of their employment, subject to California Labor Code Section 2802. The OGC cannot provide legal advice or assistance for members of the USC community in their personal capacity. The Undergraduate Student Government does provide free legal counseling to the student population at USC. This service is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Office of Compliance has established a Help & Hotline number that all USC faculty, staff, and students can use to ask questions about applicable laws, regulations, and university policies that may impact their job duties. The Help & Hotline can also be used to report suspected violations of law confidentially and without fear of retribution. Anyone who has knowledge or a good faith belief that an applicable law, regulation, or university policy has been violated should report such information to the Help and Hotline at (213) 740-2500 or by filing on the web at (and entering UOSC as the access code).

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